Vibration Mounts

Why are SB Broneske Vibration Mounts

So Outstanding?

SB Broneske - inventor of the modern elastic support of the maritime industry and the wind turbine industry - offers a wide range of vibration isolation components for exhaust pipe systems, marine engines, wind turbines, boilers, pumps, thrusters and other installations.

Vibration mounts with load from 1 kg to 100.000 kg are available.

SB Broneske vibration absorbers are members of the rubber spring family and are an element of the resilient support technology. They diminish or eliminate structure-borne noise and vibrations.

Machine parts are protected from excessive dynamic loads and with the aid of vibrationabsorbers noise exposure for humans can be reduced to tolerable levels.

SB Broneske equipment reflects the latest technological design and manufacturing advances.

The primary reason, why more shipyards around the world install the SB exhaust gas isolation system is the outstanding structural noise abatement performance, but additional advantages are:

• Long service life

 State of the art

 Ease of installation

 Worldwide approvals

 Cost effective

 Competitive price

 Impact and shock resistance

 Military specifications

SB Broneske - Fix Points

Fix points effectively reduce vibrations and structure-borne noise while keeping the pipe in position. The SB Broneske fix points are heat resistant up to 300°C and withstand a maximum exhaust pipe temperature of 600°C. They are delivered ready for installation.

SB Broneske - Anchorage Points

The SB Broneske anchorage points are very effective in reducing vibrations and structure-borne noise. They are designed for very easy installation with fork crown and turn buckle for adjustment of the pipe of the last millimetres. The SB Broneske anchorage points are designed for a very long life time.