Vibration Mounts

For Heavy Loads

Specially developed Vibration Mounts

SB Broneske anchorage points and fix points are very effective in reducing vibrations and structure-borne noise. This new especially designed anchorage points and fix points are designed for heavy loads and for a very long life time.
Recently our company reamed the range of products. Currently SB Broneske is proud of implementing the elastic support of a 100 tons marine boiler on two new cruise ships.  
The special SB Broneske Super Silent anchorage points are designed for heavy loads.

Those products are designed for loads from ~4000kg to 7500kg (weight of assembly = 61kg), for loads from ~7500kg to 13000kg (weight of assembly = 111kg) or for loads from ~13000kg to 20000kg (weight of assembly = 255kg). The maximum size/footage is down to 970mm (M36), 975mm (M42) or 1100mm (M48).

While keeping the pipe in position SB Broneske fix points effectively reduce vibrations and structure-borne noise. All fix points are heat resistant up to 300°C and withstand a maximum exhaust pipe temperature of 600°C. They are delivered ready for installation.
Our special fix points are designed for heavy loads. Manufacturing top quality, state-of-the-art vibration mounts is only one aspect of vibration and noise control in the exhaust system. Likewise, installing these components does not inevitably make a supreme elastic exhaust support system. The very basis of a reliable and highly effective system is its design.