Pipe Penetration

Flexible Fire-& Watertight Penetration

Zero structure-borne noise and zero vibration transfer




The SB Broneske flexible penetration has been tested on the basis of appropriate requirements referred to International Maritime Organization IMO 2010 FTP, Resolution MSC.307(88) Annex 1, Part 3. The exhaust gas pipe penetration is fire-proof for 60 minutes at 1000° Celsius and tested with a pressure of 0,6 bar, maintained 30 minutes without leakage (6 metres, 0.6 bar).

SB Broneske is worldwide the only supplier of fire- and water-proofed flexible deck and bulkhead penetrations for the exhaust pipe system. The SB Broneske flexible pipe penetration does not transfer any vibration into the ship's structure. Because of zero structure-borne noise and zero vibration transfer the SB Broneske flexible penetration meets demands of MLC 2006.
It is fire-proof for 60 minutes (A-60) at 1000°C and water-proof for 30 minutes (6 metres, 0.6 bar). It is especially popular with all kinds of passenger vessels and offshore ships. SB Broneske offers additional sizes and materials on request.
The SB Broneske flexible fire-watertight penetration is certified with an European MED A-60, US Coastguard, Lloyd's Register Type Approvals, DNV GL Type Approval, ABS Design Approval and Bureau Veritas Type Approval.
 certificates New 2016
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Area of application

- Deck and bulkhead penetration for the exhaust pipe system of ships.
- Zero structure borne noise transfer. Zero vibration transfer.

- Fire-proof: 60 minutes (A-60) at 1000°C
- Water-proof: 6 metres, 0.6 bar
- MED A-60
- US Coast Guard
- Lloyd's Register Type Approval
- DNV GL Type Approval
- ABS Design Approval
- Bureau Veritas Type Approval

- Steel rings
- Isolation, clips
- Fire-proof, water-proof
- Complete, ready for installation

- Technical data sheet available on request.
- Diameter: 80mm to 3500mm
- Material: Mild steel, painted
- Material fire-proof: Special layer
- Material waterproof: Special layer
- Temperature range: -20°C to 1000°C
- Additional sizes and materials on request
- MED A-60 certificates and type approvals available