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Maritime Labour Convention 

SB Broneske meets noise requirements

Looking at the lifetime of a vessel it is obvious that ship operators/owners benefit most from a reliable elastic support system. Not only does it keep operational costs involved at a minimum, moreover, it plays a vital role in the overall operation of the vessel.

There are many seafarers around the globe. However, employing a qualified crew is a problem frequently mentioned by shipping companies. Life at sea is not easy and qualified seafarers choose only the most comfortable vessels to work on.

In 2006 the Maritime Labour Convention set standards for working conditions of seafarers around the globe. Classification societies and seafarer unions have previously set vibration and noise guidelines at around 60 decibel throughout the accommodation, but its implementation was not taken seriously at times.

With the MLC 2006 soon to be ratified, this situation is likely to change, and operators will face serious (financial) consequences if working conditions do not fulfil the requirements.
SB Broneske uses its expertise to comply with already existing and future noise requirements, and contributes to the successful and sustainable operation of the vessel.