Expansion Bellows

Certified & Different Types

Rubber Expansion Bellows

SB Broneske rubber expansion bellows for the piping systems compensate the heat expansion of the pipe sections.

Exhaust lines are not the only pipes facing wear and tear issues on board a vessel. Other piping systems may be channeling fuel, oil, or water and are likely to require the installation of rubber expansion bellows.

SB Broneske therefore offers certified rubber expansion bellows in different types. The rubber expansion bellows can be used for temperatures up to 90° C, 100° C or 130° C. The maximum temperature depends on the media.

SB Broneske rubber expansion bellows are suitable for coolant, sea water, lubricating and hydraulic oils.

We can offer the expansion bellows with an inner liner of EPDM, NBR and Chloropren. SB Broneske produces any type of flanges for the piping systems. You can get any flanges.

The calculations / designs for the rubber expansion bellows are supplied free of charge.

Constitution and properties:

- Temperature range: -40° C to +130° C

- Inner liner: EPDM, NBR, Chloropren

- Flanges: Any Flanges, steel, chromated

- Area of application: Wet exhaust gas, coolant, sea water, lubricating and hydraulic oils