Exhaust Pipe

Flexible & Fixed Penetration

Individual sizes & material

Pipes often lead through decks or bulkheads. For this case, SB Broneske has developed special penetrations that are either gas-, water-, or fire-proof while transferring little to no vibrations.

Fixed Penetration

This penetration can be produced to be fire-, gas-, or water-proof and comes ready for installation with gaskets, bushings, and screws. It works like a fix point. The flanges are made of mild steel and the bushings and the gaskets are made of a special type of rubber. Individual sizes and materials are available on request.

Flexible Penetration

The SB Broneske flexible deck and bulkhead pipe penetration is the world's first penetration that is water- and fireproof and does not transfer any vibration into the ship's structure. It is fire-proof for 60 minutes (A-60) at 1000'C and water-proof for 30 minutes (6 metres, 0.6 bar). It is certified with an European MED A-60, US Coastguard, Lloyd's Register Type Approval. It is especially popular with all kinds of passenger vessels and luxury yachts.