Exhaust Pipe

More Thought-Out

Than You Think

The most advanced and durable solution of the maritime industry against rain and splash water is SB Broneske's self-produced and ready-for-installation rain cap. It consists of inner and outer ring(s), and highly effective and heat resistant rubber cushions placed between the two rings. While these have a guiding function on the open sea, they absorb the vibrations permanently.

Protecting the funnel and its case against rain and splash water is a challenge if you want to minimize the risk of a rusting exhaust pipe ahead of time. Its solution, however, is just a matter of smart engineering. Designed with an inner and an outer sleeve, the SB Broneske rain cap effectively keeps the water away from the funnel case while at the same time allowing for the circulation of oxygen.

Furthermore, special rubber cushions between inner and outer ring limit the transfer of structure-borne noise to an mimimum. Compared to the traditional stainless steel cushions solutions, the silikone cushions solution has a greate reduction of structure borne noise for the same price.

Please download the Rain Caps Comparison here.