Exhaust Pipe

Stainless Steel & Rubber

SB Broneske Expansion Bellows

Compensators made by SB Broneske are a necessary component in many industries because they compensate the thermal heat expansion of the pipe sections.

SB Broneske produces and sells stainless steel expansion bellows and assemblies for expansion bellows for the exhaust pipe system of the maritime industry. SB Broneske expansion bellows are well known in the maritime industry for their outstanding quality. SB Broneske has been calculating and delivering expansion bellows to shipyards world wide since the 80s of the last century.

Since the1980s of the last century, SB Broneske expansion bellows have proved the outstanding quality under conditions at sea. SB Broneske delivers expansion bellows from a diameter of 40mm to 5000mm and offers certificates of the major classification institutes.

SB Broneske offers stainless steel and rubber expansion bellows:

Stainless Steel Expansion Bellows

The high quality SB Broneske standard expansion bellows have multiple layers, are pre-stressed, and come with two mild steel flanges (DIN 86044). Other flange materials and dimensions are available on request.

Rubber Expansion Bellows

SB Broneske offers certified  rubber expansion bellows in different types. We produces any type off langes for piping systems.