What forces shake 

Your exhaust pipe?

Forces exhaust pipe

Nowadays, two reasons increase the back pressure inside the exhaust pipe:

1. New modern fule saving and cleaner engines use inside higher pressure, for example for injection and compression. The result is a higher exhaust gas pressure, which is introduced into the exhaust pipe.

2. In the past, exhaust pipes were mounted with only one silencer. Modern systems might install silencer, boiler and SCR or SCRUBBER. Boilers (pipes for heat exchange inside) and SCR (grids and equipment for catalytic exchange) increase the resistance of the pipe system.

Higher back pressure generates higher dynamic forces at the pipe sections.



4-Stroke Engine on a ferry with exhaust pipe of DN 1000 and back pressure of 50 mbar 

Typically, the first pipe section might be 6 metres long and weighs 1500 kg. The exhaust pipe raises the pipe with additional dynamic forces of 400 kg and an exhaust pipe frequency of 40 Hertz. It's like a small car spinning around the pipe 40 times a second.

It requires very special vibration mounts with highly effecient rubber, which are able to absorb not only the static load of 1500 kg. The vibration mounts must also be able to absorb very high dynamic forces of 500kg and more. 

SB Broneske, the patented inventor of this type of vibration mount, has been producing vibration mounts for the maritime sector for more than 45 years::

- Vibration mounts suitable for heavy loads (forces from 50 kg up to 25 tons)

- Availability to absorb highest dynamic forces

- Heat resistant for the hot exhaust pipe system

- Break-proof for maritime environment (ship might roll or pitch strongly)

The following table shows examples of systems with typical back pressure values and as the result the additional dynamic forces, created by the back pressure:

overview back pressure values

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