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Please order our new company brochure and read more about new SB Broneske services & products.

We offer our new free of charge service "Customization":
• Special requirements demand custom-made technical developments.
• SB Broneske developes individual solutions to customers ideas (design support).

In order to ensure the correct installation of the SB Broneske elastic exhaust support system we provide detailed installation drawings for the exhaust pipe system.

SB Broneske offers certified rubber expansion bellows in different types. The calculations/designs for this bellows are supplied free of charge.

Order our new company brochure and read more about our flexible deck and bulkhead penetration - the world's first penetration that is water- and fire-proof and does not transfer any vibration into the ship's structure.

Advanced calculation now available
 - please order our new brochure "Engines (SB72)" - BEST FOR ENGINES or our new company brochure "ELASTIC SUPPORT - MADE IN GERMANY"!